The Chicago Senator’s been in for 100 days now: Are we swearing with or at the Chicago Senator… Wednesday 29 April 2009



Swearing in the Chicago Senator

We know they’re going to smear, we know they’re going to cheat we know they’re going to tear, stone, scare, wear you down. and replete. Make up, Lie and conspire and try to defeat and drown the will and desire of the people’s champion. Put fear into the hearts of the unsuspecting. Populations across the planet are suspended in jaw dropping awe and hope and pray that this will be the dawning of a new star on a new day.

We know they are going to freeze out and sleaze up the senator. Is he old wine new vine or a completely different bouquet? Is he the same game with another name or a brand new heavy soliloquy What does change matter for change’s sake if it is just cosmetic. If it doesn’t meet the barest minimum in our dreams, or result in a reconfiguration of the slices of the pie so that everybody can share a “peace?” What does change matter if it’s just noise chatter and sweet mouth patter? Pie in the sky or clever neverland rhetoric? I hope, I pray that we are not being led up a garden path to be indistinguishable in wood from tree!

Let us pause to reflect for a moment and consider the words of a friend of mine I consulted with before posting this piece-in-progress:

“Alexzanda it is central. Nay! crucial to remind ourselves that Mr Obama represents a very new development in the history of American politics in general and Black American politics in particular. Let us recap. In a sense, Obama is something of an anomaly and an ‘intruder’ into the political discourse. He is not coming from the trajectory of the conventional Black experience of civil rights/ protest as an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson has. Nor moreover, is he a ‘traditional’ African American. Indeed, until he actively and collectively embraced it through welfare activities in Chicago and cemented it with his marriage to Michelle, his link to the general ‘Black American experience’ –irrespective of class or background- was a rather nebulous one. Simply put Obama is on one reading, (which I think accounts for the unfettered jealousy of Jackson and many others), a ‘half- (continental African ‘ African American’ who elected over a period of time to embed himself into the fabric of the Black American socio-cultural landscape. At this juncture it is perhaps interesting to speculate how he would currently be perceived, assessed and evaluated by both the local (white and Black) US population and that of the wider world if he had married one of his former Caucasian or Asian girlfriends. Nevertheless, Obama, with a specific biography; the son of a former Kenyan goat herder, raised in several continents, Harvard educated, with living Caucasian, Asian and African relatives in one sense represents a cultural psychological vessel for different social groupings, political persuasions, central life style aficionados and others to project their fantasies, needs hopes and aspirations in myriad ways –which they will.

Finally, the importance of Obama for me will be the undoubted SYMBOLIC CAPITAL of a Black president of the USA. Whatever the nature and type of his policies both domestic and foreign, his investiture will allow Black people world-wide to fan the bellows of his existence and be able to turn it into both psychological and cultural capital that can be as affirmative as it is aggrandized –this will be the fact if he gets in. One expects that many have already been pondering on their respective strategies from the moment that he first announced that he would run.”
(Farley Chambers in conversation with kingking July 2008 8)

So we continue:

Nothing is going to derail this bandwagon of hope. Nothing is going to thwart the will of the people the desire of the world. Stand Firm OurBanna. Stand front and centre. We stand confronting you and say: Obama! Be our Banner. Do what you gotta do but don’t make yourself hostage to the lobby; bring it back into the front of house, so we can all see and all be assured that this is a new day, a new dawn, a new time, a new morn, when the seed that’s planted will produce corn a plenty. Where the giant will move from domination to integration. Where global contamination concerns will take precedence over global corporation yearns. And unseat their greed centred control. Where it’s not a Black Man ting or a White Man ting but a Human ting Yes YOUMan YOU woman! You child, Hermaphrodite, Conjoined HUMAN. You Man You woman. New time. New Philosophy. All we ask is space for Peace of mined global Husanity. A little bit of stillness to sit and contemplate a better unity. Hands across all oceans, all creeds all cultures to maybe come together and sit at the table as humane beings and recognise that each has the right to liberty and light, a full belly, education for their children and a chance to pull themselves out of subjugation and poverty.

Obama we look to you to carry the banner and we understand that it is a heavy load but it is a honour we bequeath you. If you don’t do it Who will? We will you to, We want you to, We need you to order the new world and Step up and don the crown. Obama we are watching you
Don’t let us down.

So finally I say to you my brothers and sisters lets dash weh the old. Vanquish all the conspiracy theorites. Out with TwoThousand&8 business, and usher in a new regime. Let us call it the One world order; dream regime and maybe christen it: Obama TwoThousandand&Love New world reordered. You get me Guv? c July 2008




One Response to “The Chicago Senator’s been in for 100 days now: Are we swearing with or at the Chicago Senator… Wednesday 29 April 2009”

  1. Dear Alexanda

    Congratulations on this new blog.

    Obama was a turning point and the world will never be the same again. The essence of the times – or is it the ‘new zeitgeist’ – that our mothers and foremothers, our fathers and forefathers and our ancestors before them fought for at last became realised. I am not naive and know the world enough to also know that one batlle does not win the war, but if ever there was a battle, this was The One!

    I think that Obama encapsulates all the hopes and dreams not only of multi-racial communities, but of every person wanting to realise a world which is more equanimous than we have had in the past and up to now. Obama has become an individual and a collective role model for indivudual persons of all colours and creeds and for all societies who dare to believe in changing to heightened political & societal benchmarks.

    I feel honoured to be living at a time of such great accomplishment.

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