L D  G at 11:45 on 30 January
Can’t wait!!
L D  G at 11:48 on 30 January
Cant wait to see the final video and your isolation of the issues discussed here, when you have the time Brian. Much respect to you 🙂
Lee Jasper at 11:49 on 30 January
we run the risk of all becoming victims to reactionary violence that simply results in an exchange of misery and opression from one group of peoples to another. Remaining optimistic looking for the good, challenging injustice with love is the only way frward for the human race. Once we drink form the cup of hate or violence we run the risk , however right our cause that we pollute or efforts seeding in the the very energy we are trying to defeat. I dont claim to have doene this and struggle daily with my furious outrage at Israel or the starvation of 220 million African’s on the continent. I am saddened at the way on which African suffering is relegated in the world pf public concern hiwever I am also aware that to allow myself to sucumb to such anger would relegate my humanity. I struggle daily with these issues and do not offer them here as a defintive response. Simply my own reflections on why I celebrated President Obama’ election and what it could mean. Here I have decided ..
Lee Jasper at 11:55 on 30 January
to give President Obama criticallly aware benefit of the doubt. He will have a thumbs up from me he pushes us closer to peace and enviromental balance. I apologies for the length of this post I started writing and could not stop…and in fact feel compelled to write more… To Mr King thank you sor for the invite to the debate. Hello to some people here I enjoyed your contributions and will be seeking your friendship.All Power to the People!
L D  G at 12:19 on 30 January
A slightly different note…… to Aviva Davidson above, who is definitely not politically correct and is walking on shaky ground…..tone down your prejudices. You are reverting to type. And don’t bully Brian for being neutral!!!!!
Brian Viziondanz at 12:31 on 30 January
listra, I would rather describe myself as open taher than neutral, open hearted and open minded – iread something on someon’s profile the other day that struck a chord
“when i am praying, I am talking to god, when I am meditating, I am listening to god”neutral can be a bit of a cop out

I am FOR possibility, the power of love to eclipse hatred and fear and I am FOR creating a world where peace is the prevailing paradigm, understanding that peace must first begin within me and each one of us, and from there like a pebble thrown into a poind, will reverberate out forever

I am ok with aviva expressing her fears and concerns, sometimes when we allow ourselves to free flow, the expressions can be a little clumsy and ruffle some feathers, but if our feathers are ruffled by someone elses self expression, that is an opportunity for us to learn more about ouselves through observing and examining those responses

my preference for aviva and others to feel totally safe in allowing themselves

Brian Viziondanz at 12:32 on 30 January
to express freely and through that process both the individual and the rest of us can reach a greater understand of ourselves, each other and the bigger picture of our global culture
Patrick James Henningsen at 12:35 on 30 January
Not to confuse one’s personal state of happiness, balance or spirituality with the responsibilities of living in a modern democratic society.The controlling influences in power centres like Washington are planning 10-20 yrs ahead, wars are being drawn up as we speak. The only thing which stems this tide is an informed and aware public. I’m being negative, quite the contrary. Look at what has transpired in the last 8 years. It is not public knowledge that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were planned YEARS before the event. Why? We are just meant to behave as if it all played out like some bad movie. We are meant to react- but only after it’s too late. If left only to react after the event, the people’s power is severely marginalized. And many innocent lives are lost as a result. Generations of broken families, breeding more animosity and division in regions like the Middle East and Central Asia.

And the next stop for the Anglo-American empire may very well be AFRICA…

Patrick James Henningsen at 12:40 on 30 January
Gov’t in America(and the UK too) has bloated to a size and scope that interferes and is most pervasive in every area of our lives and the lives of people in overseas. As an American citizen, however, it is my option, but my duty to keep the government in check. This is outlined in the US Constitution, which clearly states that undeclared wars and pre-emptive attacks are illegal. The question for this new Gov’t is whether they feel it’s a priority to abide by the law of the land.We may see in the next 4 years a move to increase the US interest in Africa, and Obama may be instumental in selling this to Africa. Judging by the past US foriegn policy(and all those old boys are still running things) we should be a little worried about this… see, read for yourself:

If the people are up to speed, then they have a bigger voice and can get the debate on!

Brian Viziondanz at 12:47 on 30 January
i have no doubt that this is true, i remember when i was living in america, I found a war board game at a yard sale that was designed to sell to children of 6, 7 8 who came of fighting age at the time of the first iraq invasion. On the cover of the box was a war scene with arabs as the enmy and there leader had the face of saddam hussain looking as he did at the time of the invasion. I think it was made bay mattel – preparing the kids in advance for when they would be called upon to go to war.I am under no illusions about this dark agenda lurking behind the scenes.

but its no my agenda and its not the agenda of most people on this planet. Why should the dark agenda of minority prevail and mine and your not prevail

“we are the powers that be”

as soon as we understand this, we are free from the power and control merchants

while we continue to acknowlege their power, we feed and maintain it.

they are just people like you and I wearing costmes of war, lost in some story/momentum

Brian Viziondanz at 12:50 on 30 January
when they go to bed at night, they suck their thumb and hold their willies just like anyone else
A V at 15:20 on 30 January
And thats all I’ve been trying to say in this discussion thankyou!!! be aware of the situation but hold your vision to the higher reality that is unfolding through us as we anchor the higher plan of light… Thats all… I only reacted to this video because I see this Obama mania as people projecting their power for “change” onto one man… who we know little about… the power lies within us… the love at the core of our being… And that is what will bring change when we realise we can create our own reality on a collective global scale… another president, same ole shit, different branding… lets together create a world full of love…LOVE is the power…
A V at 18:08 on 30 January
of course Obama is playing his role in the planetary shift… but its best not to get lulled into a false sense of security… Henry Kissenger an ole time illuminati said himself that the troubles escalating worldwide and people’s love for Obama are creating the perfect opportunity to bring in the new world order… we have to know the game plan so we can be one step ahead…I had enough of this discussion now… I’m getting back to creating that higher reality…
peace and out
Peter LionHeart at 18:45 on 30 January
I have indeed, been following the unpacking of this debate to date, with great interest. For what it is worth, my own view is that yes, all US Presidents have been directed in respect of both domestic and foreign policy spheres by a vested and very powerful, elite or cabal. However, whilst respecting for example, Aviva’s view that he may be just the same old wine but packaged in a new and altogether very different shaped bottle, at the same time I am an apostle of the opinion that even if, as Patrick opines, terms like HOPE and CHANGE are merely abstract terms that can and are, utilised in the arsenal of cynical political rhetoricians, nevertheless, at the same time, their reverberations to the world wide masses can and will be, reconfigured, indeed ‘bent to the logic’ of their own particular desires…
Peter LionHeart at 18:46 on 30 January
…These energies, mostly merging into pre-existing philo-social or religio-cultural discourses – which clearly represents a more ‘tangible zeitgeist’ than the power brokers within the Obama administration may be able to either grasp or manage- constitutes concretely will(s) not easily to be dissipated by any forces of entrenched interests.
Peter LionHeart at 18:46 on 30 January
Lets remember folks, as long as we are living, we are always energising something or the other which then pre-disposes us to some kind of self activating power. By the way, even if he is mainly a receptacle to mostly disseminate the interests of an elite, it still remains that by virtue of what one could perhaps say is the metaphysical mandate (through the zeitgeist), that has been projected onto and to a sense now constrains him, then there are spaces for him to authorise or direct initiatives that much enlightened global opinion may at a later date historically credit him with.
Peter LionHeart at 18:47 on 30 January
Yes, Aviva, the ‘real change’ ultimately only comes from the people so, therefore given this dialectic, if the new administration of Obama elects to flagrantly dismiss the power of their expectations in this harrowing world economic and ecological landscape, then the challenges for them will prove to be labyrinthine in their consequences. Against this backdrop our song, far from being any unadulterated peon or worshipful tribute to the 44th US President, is no such thing.
Peter LionHeart at 18:47 on 30 January
On the contrary, in the words of its author Len Folkes it is, and I quote: ‘a specific appeal and expectation given that the world is now subsumed in a malaise where tried and tested methods of crisis management no longer offer any viable, immediate, short –or perhaps, long term solutions’. Moreover, he further makes clear, ‘It must be understood that the Artist representing the new world spirit is not so much acting as the conscience of Obama as she is the will for this spirit ’
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 18:54 on 30 January
In the enthusiastic and overwhelming support of Obama, I think Patrick is correct when he warns us against getting drunk on the heady brew of abstract terms such as hope and change as their antecedence and material effects in the hands of tyrants have produced some of the darkest moments in recent human history. I have no arguments with this wait and see critical analysis. Yet, Patrick knows full well that words, terms and concepts loaded with the possibility of mobilising the consciousness of people need not propel them into the terror of a new darkness.
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 18:54 on 30 January
The well- spring of people’s hopes comes from the sources of multiple (including, spiritual, emotional and social) determinations, which enables them to first self-motivate and secondly, to self-action their original aspiration into some kind of concrete outcome or manifestation. When we canvassed people’s thoughts on the streets of Brixton -for the inclusion on the music video- on what the Obama presidency meant for them, the most spontaneous words issued from their thoughts were the words were HOPE and CHANGE. Hope for something more than what was and what is, Change, from what is towards something that could be! I had already alluded to this in the song’s lyrics, thus:Change is preparation for the new
When the present is overwhelmed by all it’s dying
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 18:55 on 30 January
Why should we be persuaded or indeed seduced, to the perverse and erroneous view that outside of the “proprietorship” of the thinking elites, that these words (which for me are powerful symbols of self-activating renewal) have a less weighty value in motivating the mass of people towards firstly, the cognitive act of self-realisation and then secondly, the material manifestation of this affirmation?
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 18:55 on 30 January
There is a tendency particularly noticeable in times of great social upheaval and crisis for many extreme social critics, to write off the sudden upsurge of people’s collective consciousness to resist their perceived sense of subordination and their determination in turn to constitute new manifestos of self- change, as something of an opiating dream that they have no chance of waking up from! These social critics try to convince themselves that have the only ‘true’ understanding of the past, the present and indeed, the future.
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 18:56 on 30 January
They then go on to proffer in the myriad sound bites and spin, a prognosis, evaluation and ultimate supreme definition(s), of the particular social turbulence under scrutiny. Simply put, they espouse some form of concrete empirical validity, when in truth and in fact, many aspects of the phenomena have yet to be visibly announced. Why, was it not Chow en Lai who when once asked what he thought about the French Revolution replied, ‘ it’s a little too early to say’. In light of this, I then ask myself, just who is doing the real opiating?
L D  G at 22:49 on 02 February
Very …very well put.
Patrick James Henningsen at 23:19 on 02 February
Len, you pointed out “the sudden upsurge of people’s collective consciousness to resist their perceived sense of subordination”… yes, I do remember a recent time when this materialised, Feb 15th 2003, I myself on the streets of London with 2 million good people. I will never forget the feeling of awareness, possibility in the air that day. It took a war to spark it, but more importantly, people TOOK ACTION. Too many folks have been zapped into what I call “lottery mode” aka buying a £1 ticket and ‘hoping’ things will ‘change’ in their life. That mode is the same as watching TV.My message for everyone is MAKE IT HAPPEN. In the end it will be you, not Obama, Jesus or whoever, who will be the Change. Again, throughout history- Governments have NEVER guarranteed freedoms, liberties, progress, only PEOPLE have. That is the only thing you can bank on.


Patrick James Henningsen at 23:40 on 02 February
This is a side note, but the practice of ‘rendition’ in the great War on Terror has just been secured by law this week…
Patrick James Henningsen at 12:32 on 03 February
African-American voices like KRS1 and Professor Griff are warning about not getting swept up in Obama’s ‘cult of personality’. I was listening to these guys for a long time, and I was surprised to hear them say this in interviews recently.Take a look at examples in history and tell me when a Cult of Personality, complete with artwork, coffee mugs, et all… has ever been good for a society. This poor guy hasn’t even done a full term as US Senator and the world is looking to him for salvation? It’s as bizzare as it is spectacular.

With the sheer amount of CFR and Trilateral appointees in his cabinet, I suspect he is being used as an agent of the Establishment. Watch which laws are being passed and where troops are being deployed. Legislation and Foreign Policy… these are two of the main products which his administration will try to sell to the American people… watch this space.

Brian Viziondanz at 12:38 on 03 February
what was that i heard one time?”there is nothing to fear but fear itself”


Patrick James Henningsen at 13:27 on 03 February
Don’t confuse the term FEAR with my role as a VIGILANT CITIZEN. If we still live in democracy, then the politicians still work for us and someone has to keep an eye on the STAFF!!!!!Word.
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 14:19 on 05 February
Patrick, I don’t think it is the job of governments to guarantee freedoms. They have never done, nor will they ever do so. They are in the business of procuring laws; laws constrain, restrain, detain and coerce. Whatever their claims to moral superiority, laws seldom liberate and when they do, it’s a victory for commonsense over the excessive irrationality of the abuse of power on the part of the powerful over the less powerful.
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 14:27 on 05 February
Do you really believe Obama wilfully constructed a cult of personality?
If he was doing good political business when getting elected and now as president trying to stay popular, then it seems to me pretty foolish for him to try to stop the exploitation of his image by all-comers.
Idolatry and the cult of personality is the safety pin of faith. Perhaps if we the ordinaries had faith in ourselves, we would all be leaders!
Brian Viziondanz at 14:50 on 05 February
there are no such things as inherent rights, we are in the process of carving out a vision of civilisation from the random anarchic nature of lifeforms crawling over each other on a random spinning rock in the vastness of time and space – “down from the trees, not walking upright” —- YET!
Brian Viziondanz at 16:52 on 05 February
patrick, is the cup half full or half empty?
Brian Viziondanz at 18:07 on 05 February
from Christopher –
posted @ you. And thanks to all who put this together.
It’s nice to know there is still good will for this country out there
in the world.

I like the line: From Rulership to Leadership. At one point, it did
seem the singer sang, ‘From Bullyship to Leadership.’ Either would
have been a great bumpersticker in this last election.

I just hope the world understands that the people here were really
traumatized by the attack on 9-11. We were a bit numb from the shock
and it was easy to lead us down the wrong path in Iraq and the ‘War on
Terror.’ We began to wake up in the 2004 elections, but unfortunately
a tone-deaf candidate (Sen. John Kerry–and, yes, I voted for him)
couldn’t move a large enough block of average Americans to vote for
him to make it impossible for election tricks (this time in my home
state of Ohio) to keep Bush in.

continued …

Brian Viziondanz at 18:08 on 05 February
I have a 12 yr old nephew. His father and mother–finally!–woke up
and voted Democratic this time. But the nephew couldn’t support Obama.
He was only 5 when we were attacked and he remains fearful of another
attack. He felt safe with the stern grandfather image of McCain and
not so safe with the more inclusive Obama. I hope as he grows up in
this new Administration, he see what our Nation can be–much better
than the only Administration he remembers.Thanks again for the video and the song. I wish the song was a little
shorter, so it could fit into the average radio station play list
here. But, then, maybe it wouldn’t work even then—too many
polysyllabic words for the American audience <grin>.


Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 18:43 on 05 February
Yes Brian, you are right..
Yet war wants admiration and peace wants encouragement.
P M at 23:04 on 05 February
…the cup is half full brian 🙂 what is important as always it what we do now – right here and now this very day! – lets crack on with spreading a positive message so that our global community wakes up (te-he – don’t hit me anyone!) – patrick – it would be great to see you sometime – we should arrange something – and have a look at your footage – what’s you plan with that? good vibes! p
F W at 07:23 on 15 February
first I thought this was a joke. But this seems to be a serious conversation? Obama.. maybe I’d go so far as antichrist. even thats a longshot, he has yet to earn that one.. but silly as it seems, is more likely than the other notion. Is the big polliteconomical charade not blatantly obvious. “democracy”, this freedom to pay tax and fund wars.. capitalism drives this engine of destruction, and the biggest earner is wartoy.. which government is free of this globally enslaving institution called free market enterprise?” he controls the spice, controls life”.when money is the spice, then those that fund and profit off Pharma and war, are the ones that control this apparently free market. All administrating boddies are in their pockets- so to speak… to believe that the govt is anything but a farce, seems dangerous. it takes our eye off the proverbial ball.. here we are chatting about their frontman,while Iraq,Ethiopi, Afgan Lebanon,Zimbabwe suffer effects of global tyranny
F W at 07:33 on 15 February
goodwill toward a country…???
countries arent real.. its a clever excuse for people to fight each other….. goodwill towards mankind is a very different matter indeed.. mankind actually exists… why spend our time directing goodwill- MEANT FOR PEOPLE- towards hypothetical institutions that exist on paper…??? it seems self-depletive… and altogether unconstructive…
P M at 19:30 on 15 February
well said – point well made 🙂
Paul Maple at 19:30 on 15 February
well said – point well made 🙂
Maybel D at 20:21 on 18 February
To Brian and the VisionariesYour vision may be having a few diversions from the script (and which vision does not, as what follows depends entirely on the roles played by the changing natures of the players in the acts that ensue) but what a valuable exercise it clearly is, sparking such intellectual and spiritual discussion – without a doubt, the Obama song is playing its role in the shifting tide of times and moods and perceptions…

Some of the reaction sparked by this discussion also highlights the still prevalent leitmotiv of deep-set racial attitudes and although attitudes stemming from such irrational ignorance are always inevitably regrettable, even in this forum they further highlight the path still to treck.

I take you all not only as highly intelligent people, but also as extremely aware Beings and I trust we all know the structures and the people that surround Obama, the gradients of power in place and the hidden agendas we have all read in the conspiracy literature

We know it all to be so. And yet, how and who are we to minimise the impact, in just such a short period, of the rising too the summit, of the first ever Black president of the ‘hegemon’ of Western/white supremacy? A condition that our political system in the UK is no where near to witness unless there is a cataclysmic change in racial attitudes among the political elites in Great Britain, since at present these do not enable the rising of Black candidates to the highest levels of political power.The path to shifting times is a personal experience of alchemy within the minds, the bodies, the emotions, the spirit of each individual, the transmuting of the lead of belief systems, judgements, to the gold of CHOOSING to live mindfully in each moment, in each breath, in full appreciation and respect for every other sentient and non-sentient being. It is personal because all change happens from within, one cannot manipulate another to think or feel the way one does unless
they happen to experience it for themselves and find that that is also their truth. As greater numbers of people Chose a truth where they do not feel the need to judge another, where they give words like ‘hope’ or ‘change’ a chance, for a change, in true innocence, expecting the better for a change rather than the worst, then the tide of change becomes manifest more intrinsically and extrinsically, fulfilling our self-fulfilled prophecies as always. To be the innocence at times, to be ‘The Fool’, has but been a role prized by the wise and should not be taken lightly. It is a deliberate tool in the alchemical process of personal and collective consciousness change.Deliberately and mindfully, not naively, I choose to decide that even the smallest amount of change in certain areas will be of vast energetic magnitude in comparison to any type of change we have lived through before. Only by creating this space of hope within myself and in my personal world
– the private is political – can I actively participate in this process of change. It is indeed not all down to one man/person, but as he correctly stated, to all of us. So, for today, and the days that follow, I choose deliberately not to judge, not to criticise, not to blame. This is my statement and contribution to the forum.
Paul M at 16:11 on 20 February
wow!we are makng a global documentary – the tag is “reporting back on the way forward” – can we get some of that on film?


can we?


Brian Viziondanz at 20:51 on 20 February
time for another song and video maybe len?
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 21:02 on 20 February
Frankinandemily wonders whether our discussion around the potential of the Obama Presidency to herald a new moment of change is ‘real’. In response, I can only offer the following.
From where I sit, all delusion emerges from the spectre of the real. Ideological cynics are as real to me as the amount of time I invest in reading between the lines of their one analysis fits all political ruminations. To be sure, the fact that I spend time engaging with their thoughts means most often than not, that they do indeed, have something valuable to say in the ways in which we live our social experiences and construct our social realities. They serve as our warning eyes when the consciousness of our vision gets a little tear sparkling and starry over dreams posing as reality. However, although they would be the last to admit absolute obedience to their own take on the truth, they too, it must be said, are in the persuasion business a market place as it were, to win hearts and minds to the prescriptive certainties of their apprehensions.
at 21:10 on 20 February
Unsurprisingly, they often make a plea (not an argument), for the dethronement of all power structures both personal and impersonal and arrive at the rather strange conclusion that society and our social relationships functions best when power is magically diffuse and no one takes ownership of any potential it offers! I admit that I find the idea of a de-powered social world in all of its permutations through some notion of the equality of innocence, as apposed to a viable option for political engagement, a most fascinating one. However, that said, one is forced to wonder where exactly reality fits into this dream? Perhaps it is not meant to and here, personal activism merely transmutes into political and ideological voyeurism – the ultimate spine tingling peep show on the lurid/squalid machinations of powermaniacs. …
Yes, I own up to the possibility that there are also those social critics who will most certainly be delivered to their graves believing that the Obama phenomenon never happened. Insistent no doubt, to their last thinking breath, that he’s just another assembly line president (albeit a colourfully bewitching new model), freshly minted and rolled off the production line by a dominating ruling elite selling apparitions to the masses who may be so desperate to soothe their souls with the comforting words of a brand new messiah. Moreover, that however sincere are our expressed intentions, determination and commitment to re-configure our thinking and re-engineer our daily practices for self-change, our efforts amount to nothing more than an exercise in futility- because the big bad wolves of the ‘Illuminati trans-national elite’ and an unfettered rampaging capitalism, will gobble up the lunch of our most conscientiously prepared optimism and expectations.
20 February
This ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ social commentary, is far removed from the severely lacerated and in some instances, shattered nerve centres of ordinary people’s lives as they try to make sense of the very real dread and turmoil resulting from world market capitalism’s retreat into its current decaying phase.
As Brian insists` We are in the process of carving out a vision of civilisation from the random anarchic nature of life-forms crawling over each other`. Yes Brian, if we are indeed, crawling and swarming over each other, we have to do so with the social consciousness of an equitable intelligence, ever mindful not to crush one another as we strive to secure a space to live our lives in a dignified and decent way. This, I understand should factor in; personal power, autonomy and responsibility.
I call this process Civil-Life-Relations, and in order to construct and have it serve as an equitable means of governing our social relations (both with each other and within and between cultures), means that each and every one of us has to become in Patrick’s words, (active) `Vigilant Citizens`; in essence, citizens, fearless and bold in our assertion that co-operation and not division, justice and not injustice are ultimately the servants of our best interests. Machiavelli showed us long ago that power added a little sugar to the aperitif of both the good and the bad guy. Today, alas, it seems that most often than not, the bad guy owns a sugar factory whilst the good guy savours the taste and is keenly desirous of more of its succulence.
Although Obama’s pre-election pledge committed an administration under his direction to increasing American troops numbers in Afghanistan, his decision two days ago (February 18,2009) to endorse the dispatch of 17,000 US soldiers to the country so early in his presidency), is extremely disturbing to those among us who are desirous to see the extinguishing of the Bush Fires that are still raging throughout the world. Given this, many of us still nevertheless, entertain hope as opposed to the more realistic expectation that Obama may have a hidden sweet tooth!
On a more serious note, we have to be unflinchingly strident in reminding Obama that he’s hitching a ride on our ticket of change (and not just on the narrow bus of American strategic interests). He has to be very cognizant of our journey towards a new set of possibilities and opportunity for humankind. In truth, the possibilities and opportunities to rebuild out of the ruin of the terror of fear, domination and exploitation, qualitatively allows for new sets of shared principles of justice and co-operation.
Let one here and now be in no doubt, this is a tremendously formidable and challenging journey. The scope and magnitude of which cannot be left to the discretion and driving skills of one man, however compellingly eloquent and articulate his insisting message plays upon the consciousness of our hopes for change. To my mind, change is not a message but a process and in this context, implies a two-way social interaction of both speaking and listening. When Maybel correctly credits him with saying `change is down to all of us` I then ask, is this not when he is speaking to us? My question at this moment is to whom exactly was he listening to when he made the decision to send more troops into Afghanistan?
One needs to be patently clear. Correctly understood, the Zeitgeist is a summoning spirit of a moment and not the coming or arrival of any one extraordinary individual. As such, Obama is as much part of this spirit as Mr & Mrs ordinary, the only difference between us may well be that he has suddenly grown one more sweet tooth and desperately wants to bite into the opportunity to make a dramatic and lasting impression where he can be perceived as a ‘no nonsense kind of a guy’, whereas, we the ordinary, are still engaged in the process. Are we not still discoursing in the process by listening and speaking? I think so.
Stated simply, we the people, should stand on one unambiguous premise-to remind President Obama that “the greatest weapon of peace is negotiation” and victory is never ever complete without the consciousness of justice satisfied.
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 21:26 on 20 February
Well Brian,if we can schedule in some agreeable time slots,then maybe we could get some visual vocabulary together for one of the other compositions that I played for you recently. Perhaps we can persue the matter further when you are next in London
Peter LionHeart at 21:48 on 20 February
Madame Maybel DelglynPray permit me to laud your exemplary statements and contribution

Best regards


Patrick James H at 18:10 on 21 February
New Labour was a Zeitgiest, remember that one?Brian, Len, King, we should do a video on the theme of, “What is a Zeitgeist?”

Let’s go deep and look at past waves, and map future movement?

Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 22:01 on 21 February
No way Patrick… New Labour was a mere speck of blue on Thatcherism’s clouded sky.Your Davos piece was brilliant. I told my teenage daughters to keep it under their pillows…Reality never sleeps!
Zainab Clarkson at 20:14 on 22 February
Will Obama meet expectations? Probably not. Have you ever seen a President who did? That is because we all have varied expectations and a tendency to expect too much. Do you really think one person can solve the World’s illnesses? The president is not the only person in the government. There are a few who are true but most are superficial leaders who spend more time debating and arguing than taking relevant action
Zainab Clarkson at 20:43 on 22 February
We look and pray for a savior, a dynamic leader on a white horse to ride into Washington and slay the political dragons of power, corruption and greed. We need to wake up and face reality.
Patrick James H at 21:00 on 22 February
A recent Harris Poll was taken last week, and Americans voted Obama as most admired over Jesus Christ, and Martin Luther King… that gives you some idea of where American heads are at… as usual, out to lunch. Any country who accepted GW Bush for 8 years has got reality issues anyway…
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 09:54 on 24 February
The enlightening thing about reality is the fact that it has a realism all of its own; it never fails to remind our expectations that they might indeed be alone in the world.
The problem with waking up and looking straight in the eyes of reality is the fact that one could well have gone to sleep in someone else’s bed.
Just imagine the state of minds of the millions of people throughout the world who believed that not in a thousand years would a Blackman ascend to the position of being considered the most powerful person in the world?
Let us imagine also if we can, how presidential candidate Obama might have felt waking up each morning during his campaign believing in this reality? … No We Can’t, No We Won’t!
I for one believe that Obama to his immeasurable credit raised the bar of our expectations that we should expect and demand more from our elected representatives and public officials.

Are we not here being slightly over protective and a little disingenuous in believing he views himself above Politics, public scrutiny and accountability?

Zainab Clarkson at 10:36 on 27 February
I agree that Obama has exceed expectation and raise the bars for all of us. However the Debates about globalization have centered on calls to improve accountability to limit abuses of power in world politics. How should we think about global accountability in the absence of global democracy? Who should hold whom to account and according to what standards?
Zainab Clarkson at 10:40 on 27 February
USA proudly displays its double standards. Is the United States going to put dictatorship into effect under the guise of the anti-terrorist struggle? Do you really believe that Obama will trigger major transformation?
Brian Viziondanz at 10:42 on 27 February
we firstly need to hold ourselves to account, to the values that we know in our heart of hearts to be real, when we are doing that, we can then hold each other to account
Brian Viziondanz at 10:44 on 27 February
he is part of the global transformation that is already in motion
Patrick James H at 11:54 on 27 February
Sorry to inject a dose of reality here… Obama has exceeded expectations?? He´s a great speaker, sure, but exactly what has he done? In a years time, the US will still have 150K troops in Iraq, there will be 40K + troops in Afghanistan, Iran war drums will be at fever pitch, Abu Griab will still be taking prisoners, rendition still going on, and… Gunatanamo will STILL be opened. Mark my words. Thats just for starters…It takes more than a slick speaker to fool this boy, Ive seen them all Clinton, Blair… and this one is just an upgraded model.

He is the front man because he will do exactly as he´s told. Do you think he would have been lifted from nowhere and receive 100´s of millions in campaign funds from Wall St, AIPAC and the Military Manufacturers if he don´t owe them his success? For all non-Americans who are not sure, that´s how Washington really works. Money buys influence, and influence then become$ policy.

What will it take to wake up OBAMANOIDS to reality.

Brian Viziondanz at 21:16 on 27 February
Patrick – the reality is that you can’t stop a runaway train with a brick wallits unrealistic to believe that ANYONE can wave a magic wand and everything is ok – even in my most idealist visionary moments i kno that process has its time-lapse.

if we dismiss everything cos its doesn’t fit into our idea of perfection, we are never going to advance at all.

transition thinking is finding the path from where we are to where we want to be while operating in reality

it is foolish to live with such a negative view of obama and the possibility his presence offers the world, by dismissing him anfd encouraging others to do the same, you are empowering those forces who you fear the most

Paul M at 00:01 on 28 February
we cant go from one perspective to another just like that (as much i would like it to happen SO much) – it aint gonna happen – just isn’t. so to bend wood – it’s done by heating up the wood with steam – then it bends – otherwise it would break – iisn’t that what obama is about???
Brian Viziondanz at 09:40 on 28 February
this video must be getting to be the most discussed video on facebook – the discussion is touching fundamental issues of how much we can trust our government if at all.whether we can or not and to what degree is up for debate, but what is really significant is that so many people do not trust the government and suspect the government of conspiring against the peoples’ best interests.
Len Hardough-Davinci Ble at 16:49 on 28 February
Does this moment not point towards the possibility of the democratization of consciousness- or are we yet again just having a weird conversation with the same usual suspects.Patrick do you believe in the idea of a old new American zeitgeist?
Trusting in the `people` alone (even if each and every one of us is blessed with self-consciousness) is not always what the people want.
Leaders are as much the invention of our needs as social nature is a provider of wants and desires. This is a supply and demand issue. The problem has always been how we arrive at equilibrium.

Perhaps this time around we can tip the scales in our favour. In our
attempts to achieve this we cannot bet on guarantees because this presupposes that the other side no longer have any interest in protecting their privileges.

Patrick James H at 17:31 on 28 February
Brian, I agree 100% with the spirit of what you said, and after all, I will defer somewhat to you because you are the only Wizard I know!Paul nailed it when he said we need to heat up the wood a bit so it can bend(Paul gets partial Wizardry status for that one! Brian lend him your wand for a weekend…)

I harken back to some of my earlier comments a mile or so back on this long thread. The lesson which this will teach us when we look back after a year and see not only was there no “Change” but things look to accelerate. Why? Simple, for the reason why we worshiped a man-God instead of realising the power which has always laid inside each an everyone of us but rather than exercise this, society has chosen to revert to a passive role where we become obsessed with amusing ourselves to death and let the annointed leaders run our lives for us, tell us what we MUST DO and what we CANNOT DO and how we SHOULD FEEL. This is the mistake of the last generation… so I say wake up…!


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