Keith Olbermann’s scathing criticism of Obama’s secrecy…. immunity claims

Keith Olbermann’s scathing criticism of Obama’s secrecy/immunity claims * Text size * Larger * Smaller AnswerTips-enabled Glenn Greenwald Salon April 8, 2009 * A d v e r t i s e m e n t * efoods Several weeks ago, I noted that unlike the Right — which turned itself into a virtual cult of uncritical reverence for George W. Bush especially during the first several years of his administration — large numbers of Bush critics have been admirably willing to criticize Obama when he embraces the very policies that prompted so much anger and controversy during the Bush years. Last night, Keith Olbermann — who has undoubtedly been one of the most swooning and often-uncritical admirers of Barack Obama of anyone in the country (behavior for which I rather harshly criticized him in the past) — devoted the first two segments of his show to emphatically lambasting Obama and Eric Holder’s DOJ for the story I wrote about on Monday: namely, the Obama administration’s use of the radical Bush/Cheney state secrets doctrine and — worse still — a brand new claim of “sovereign immunity” to insist that courts lack the authority to decide whether the Bush administration broke the law in illegally spying on Americans. Read entire article Research related links 1. Keith Olbermann Needs to Take Obama to Task for His FISA Betrayal 2. Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism 3. Obama’s Justice Department standing by ‘George Bush secrecy’ 4. General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book 5. Obama administration defends telecom immunity 6. Congress Ready to Betray Fourth with Spy “Immunity” Bill 7. Cheney: Obama responsible for next 9/11 8. Cheney claims power to decide his own case 9. Olbermann Punished for Crying Foul at GOP Exploitation of 9/11 Tragedy 10. Obama Claims to Have Visited 57 States 11. WND Claims Obama National Security Force Back On Agenda 12. Olbermann: Bush Administration “Allowed 9/11 Attacks To Occur”



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