What Will Obama’s Policy be towards Africa?

He has had to get into bed with all kinds and to a certain extent is now a bit of a whore to the fortunes of the real-politic  of world affairs and how things really work in Washington vis a vis American self interests and aspirations.

If you examine his cabinet then you will see that there are some very, very dodgy right wing representatives of Washington/NewYork power elites who occupy key roles and positions within  policy making.’What Obama has got to be vigilant of is that they don’t whisper unsweet “nuthings” into each other’s ears, conspire and coalesce to cuckold him and  impoverish any attempts that he may seek to implement regarding his “Pater-ancestral” homeland.

Dont hold your breath this policy on Africa will not be rescinded or rolled back It may be finessed or nuanced but there will be no “About turn” or U-Turn. As the infamous Maggie T used to snort.

Take a lookSee what all politically aware scrutineers need to be aware of as far as the policy making and implimentation of policy America2Africa




“Billions of words will be written about the most powerful Blackman in modern times. Through these words, future generations will come to know and unknow the great historical coming of this man. What is beyond doubt is the fact that the people of his time have brought to consciousness, the reality of the unimaginable and unobtainable. The capricious wisdom of their expectations may well be drawn into the deadly embrace of disappointment, but once the thunderous bolt of lightening has struck the decaying will of ignorance, its cleansing fire shall fertilise the raging storm of consciousness into a new insight.

Len Folkes”

Please take a look at the enclosed urls makes for interesting reading:



My thanks to Zainab Clarkson for sparking the debate on facebook that has inspired this Obamagood4frica? blog

Princess Zainab You are a star. keep the inspiration coming. I expect to be updating this particular topic on a regular basis

Special thankx to my special advisor Patrick H for docs etc


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