A Moment in Time
For: President Barack Obama

Let us take a Moment in Time
to reflect on our future years,
and see what it could be like living
without our fears.

For this Moment in Time is one to behold,
this moment in time is worth more
than it’s weight in gold.

Barack Obama has staked his claim.
With just the mere mention of his name,
a glimmer of hope now shines over the plane.
A spark of trust ignites in hearts across this land,
all feeling the promise in this one man.

For a Moment in Time,
the Muslim, the Christian, and the Jew,
all stood together in prayer
to help this blessing through.
Young People chanted “Yes We Can”
to help us reclaim our promised land.

In this Moment in Time we can all stand free
and reclaim our God given destiny.
For to this land we all belong,
and it’s gonna take us all to keep it strong.
The Indian, The African, and The Irishman.
The European, The Latino and The Mexican.
We The People must come together,
once and for all … as Americans.

In this Moment in Time
our differences can no longer hold us back.
The difference in being white
versus …
the difference in being seen as only black.
The difference of staying poor or becoming rich.
The difference in providing for our children
or letting their future remain in our past ditch.


Be still!
Racism, hatred, separation and greed,
to this moment we must all take heed.

Sit Down!
Politics, destruction, death and war,
for this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Be gone!
Satan, evil, pestilence,
violence and crime …
Be quiet!
And let us all enjoy this precious
Moment in Time.

By: Mere Words



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